Privacy Policy

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

The general partnership under the name “ELEFTHERIOS KEKRIDIS SONS AND CO. OBEE” and the distinctive title “AGROTECHNICA”, with TIN 081110629 and GCR no. 038001505000h, headquartered in the Industrial Area of ​​Sindos of Thessaloniki, Building Block 53, P.C. 57022, PO Box 1112, respects and protects the Personal Data (hereafter the “Data”) of visitors to its website, its potential customers, customers, suppliers, associates, employees, as well as of any individual whose Data may come to its knowledge during the exercise of the business activity and the processing of its transactions. To this end, it undertakes to collect and process the Data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”) and respecting all applicable European and national legislation at all times.

Which categories of data do we process:
Name, surname, maiden name, work address, landline number and/or mobile phone, email address, Tax Identification Number, bank account number. Additionally, information about financial transactions, payments to and from our company and orders to and from our company, which may contain a reference to the above data Categories.
Our company does not process Data of Special Categories (“Sensitive Data”).

How do we collect the data we process:
We collect Υour Data from the transacting parties with our company at the communication between us in any way, in the context of a contract, transaction, negotiation and/or expression of interest for any kind of cooperation, as well as when completing the contact form on our company website, and / or only when the law permits so provided that a communication and/or negotiation has taken place between us.

For what purposes do we use the Data:
For the negotiation of the terms of any cooperation during the negotiation stage.
For the conclusion of a contract with you.
For the implementation of a contract that we have prepared.
For the processing of orders and all kinds of financial transactions and the issuance of relevant receipts (dispatch notes, service invoices).
For payment and handling of debits and credits on both sides, as well as for claiming amounts and/or receivables that may be due to us, by any legal means (e.g. by extrajudicial or judicial process, under insurance contract).
For the update of our network of partners, suppliers and customers of any decision of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, of all its Services and Directorates, as well as any other competent or co-competent Public Authority and Service regarding the granting/ modification/ revocation of a Plant Protection Product authorization,  that is marketed and / or distributed by our company.

In order to inform our network of partners, suppliers and customers about any Information, Announcement, Notification, Agricultural Warning, Establishment of Rational Use issued by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, all its Services and Directorates, as well as any other competent or co-competent Public Authority and Service, with regard to the Plant Protection sectors in which we operate.
For the purpose of sending information material to present, display, promote our new products and / or new services, as well as for the purpose of disclosing our commercial practices and promotions and presenting any promotional actions in the contact information you yourselves have submitted to us, using traditional methods of communication (e.g. post service, telephone) or automated means (e.g. via Internet, fax, e-mail, text messages etc.).  In the latter case, we use the Data you provide us only with your Consent to that effect.
Under what legal basis is Data used for these purposes:
Because the processing is necessary for the negotiation, conclusion and execution of the contract, agreement and/or trading relationship between us, and for the fulfillment of any obligations we undertake towards prospective customers, customers, suppliers, employees and associates.
Because the processing is necessary to comply with obligations that derive from the law, and in particular from the European or national legislation.
This is mainly about our compliance with tax and insurance obligations.
Also, for the compliance of our company with the information obligations imposed by the legislation regarding the Plant Protection Products and in particular the decisions of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and/or other Public Authorities with related responsibilities.
Because the processing is necessary to seek (by a judicial or extrajudicial process) our legal and/or legitimate interests (moral and property interests), in particular, the best possible exercise of our business activity, the safeguarding of our receivables towards any interested person, and the claim of any debts to us.  For this purpose, our company reserves the right to insure its receivables by drawing up insurance contracts for this purpose. Processing is likely to be necessary for the parallel pursuit of your own interests as well.
Because our counterparties agree to this, expressly providing their explicit and free consent in cases where it is required.
We reserve the right to process the Data for more than one of the above purposes. Depending on this purpose, the appropriate legal basis will be invoked.  The purposes for which we use the Data do not require Your consent as a legal basis for the processing. The only exception in which Your consent is required for the processing of the Data is its use for the sending of informative material for the purpose of presenting, displaying, promoting our new products and/or new services and for communicating our commercial practices and promotions, and presenting any promotional actions.

Change of the purpose of processing
We process the Data only for the purposes for which it was collected, which are listed herein. Data processing for another purpose can only take place if we determine that it is a purpose compatible with one of the purposes for which it was originally collected, or if we seek and obtain from You your consent to that effect.

In particular: Employees’ Data
It is about individuals being employed with employment contract of fixed or indefinite term, full-time or part-time, in a trial period, in apprenticeship, as well as when carrying out a traineeship or in any other employment status.
In addition to the Data listed above, the following is also collected: home address, landline number, ID Card No. and/or Passport number, Driver’s License data, date of birth, marital status information (married, single, number of children) information on academic and professional qualifications, Social Security Member Registration Number, Social Security Number (SSN) and certain information about Your health (in particular: diseases, medical certificates and opinions, certificates from which a medical operation, treatment or hospitalization is proved).
The purposes of the processing of these Data are: the conclusion of a contract of employment, to proper implementation of the contract, the fulfillment of any obligation imposed by the applicable labor law every time on the employer and the assurance that the employee enjoys the rights offered by the law (calculation of the legal salary classification in a salary class, calculation of working experience, determination of benefits owed, granting of  leave, parental leaves, sick leaves), the fulfillment of any employer’s obligation towards any public, tax or other authority and any insurance institution, and the realization of any other contract or employment relationship, even of the one that has expired or has been terminated (e.g. granting of reference letter or employment certificate to a former employee).
For these purposes, the legal basis for processing constitute the above-mentioned (implementation of a contract, compliance with legal obligations, defense of legitimate interests), and not the consent.
In particular, health data is collected and processed only to the minimum extent necessary and with the consent of employees for the exercise of rights in the field of labor law and social security law, principally for the granting of sick leaves or convalescence leaves to the employees.
In the event of Data being sent because of your interest in employment and/or cooperation, these Data is not retained but is destroyed in a secure manner immediately after the evaluation of the expression of interest has expired.
For the rest, all of the Terms of this Privacy Policy apply to Employees’ Data as well.

For how long do we store the Data
We store and process the Data for as long as the co-operation, contractual relationship or transaction relationship that connects us lasts.  In the event of dissolution or termination in any way of this relationship, we shall maintain the Data until each claim has been settled, otherwise, until any judicially demandable claim that arises from and/or in respect of our transaction is subject to a limitation or amortization deadline. If a judicial conflict is pending between us, or one that refers to the relationship/transaction between us, the Data will be retained until an irrevocable court order has been issued and any claims arising out of its enforcement have been settled. Employees’ Data is retained until all third-party claims against us regarding the manner in which Employees have performed their work responsibilities, are subject to the statute of limitations. Also, data is retained for as long as required in particular by the tax and insurance legislation, but also by all legislation.
The Data we process under Your Consent is retained until you request from us to cease doing so.

How do we store Data
The processing of the Data is done in both printed and electronic media and is recorded in our system of organization and filing, in accordance with the applicable legislation, including the provisions regarding the security and confidentiality of the Data.  We ensure that the processors and software we use require the least possible processing of Data to achieve the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

Who has access to Data
Our competent employees are authorized to process the data for the purpose of carrying out the aim of their work and the job responsibilities assigned to them.  The processing takes place to the extent necessary for the performance of their work duties.  They undertake to abide by this Privacy Policy.

In the context of our business activity in a lawful and legitimate manner, of our support in the provision of services and the pursuit of our legitimate interests, we may disclose Data to associates of the company, such as contractors and subcontractors, legal consultants, accountants, tax specialists, IT service providers, insurance consultants, insurance companies.  Such persons only receive the Data strictly necessary for the performance of the work they undertake, they process it only upon our express mandate and authorization and solely for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. Especially as regards the insurance of the claims of our company, any Data of Yours are communicated only to the extent that is required for the preparation and operation of the insurance contract and only in view of the occurrence of the insurance risk. We ensure that these persons are aware of the present and that they respect and apply all European and national legislation on the protection of Personal Data, even by signing the relevant contractual terms with them. Finally, Data may be disclosed to State institutions and services, to judicial and independent authorities, to tax authorities, and/or to insurance funds, provided that a relevant obligation is provided for by law and upon request bearing the necessary formalities.
In no other case will the Data be disclosed to third parties, individuals or legal entities, nor will it be disseminated in any way.

Data Security
We apply any appropriate technical and organizational measure to ensure that Data processing is lawful and to prevent any risk that could arise from it (accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access). We make every effort to keep the Data up-to-date and accurate, to store it and to delete it safely, not to collect and not to maintain Data that is not necessary for the processing purposes mentioned in the present.

What are Your Rights
You may at any time exercise the rights provided by Articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR, namely:

  • The right of access, that is to say, the right to verify if we keep and process your Data and to examine its content, accuracy and the terms of its processing,
  • The right of correction, that is the right to request the correction of inaccurate Data, and/or the supplementation of insufficient ones,
  • The right of deletion (“right to be forgotten”), that is, the right to ask you to delete your Data, especially if the Data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and processed, or in the event of withdrawal of Your consent as the sole legal basis for the processing, a right which is subject to the conditions of Article 17 GDPR. Accepting such a request depends on the assistance of certain legitimate and lawful reasons, for which we will inform you specifically and reasonably,
  • The right to restrict the processing, in case of doubt of the accuracy of the Data or in another case expressly provided for in Article 18 of the GDPR,
  • The right of portability, that is the right to receive your Data in a structured and commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as to transfer the Data to another controller,
  • The right of objection for the exercise of which you have to inform us reasonably why you believe that the processing of Your Data by invoking a legitimate interest affects Your fundamental rights and freedoms and/or to the extent that you believe that Your Data is subject to processing for purposes of direct marketing,
  • Finally, you may at any time revoke Your consent to your Data processing, provided that our company is based on Your consent as the legal basis of the processing. The revocation does not affect the lawful processing that took place before your consent was withdrawn.

For the exercise of Your rights above, as well as for any question, query, or complaint, you may contact Mrs. Despina Kekridou, at +30 2310 797386 and +30 2310 796086, at the email address, and the address of our company (Agrotechnica OBEE, Industrial Area of Thessaloniki (Sindos). P.O. Box 1112, GR-57022 Thessaloniki, Greece).
Our company has forms for the exercise of the above rights, which are available at our offices by Mrs. Despina Kekridou.
These rights are exercised at no cost from you unless, due to repeated submissions, they incur administrative costs to our company.
We will take every possible action to respond to your request within 1 month of the day following the day on which we will become aware of it, by informing You either of its implementation or of the objective reasons that prevent it.

Finally, in case you believe that your right to the protection of Your Data is affected in any way, you reserve the right to appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority in the following contact address:

Mail address:                1 – 3 Kifissias Avenue, PC 115 23, Athens

Call Center:                   0030 210 6475600
Fax:                                  0030 210 6475628
E-mail Address:

Revision of Privacy Policy
The present may be modified to include any new legal requirements or a change in our practices in keeping the Data. In this case, a new one will be issued and the version that appears at the beginning of the file will change. In the event of a substantial change in the way we collect, maintain, and process your Data, you will be informed by any appropriate means.