Continuous response and sensitivity to
environmental and social concerns.

Technical support of our products and constant updating and service to our customers is carried out daily and at every corner of Greece, by the specialized team of our agronomists, who respond directly and globally to the requirements of the market.

With an updated product list, we comply to the trends and demands of the International and Greek reality in the field of plant protection, continuously improving the company's specifications at every stage, from the registration of new products, formulation, packaging, up to their final marketing.

Non-stop responsiveness and sensitivity to environmental and social issues steer our production process, as well as the proper technical support for the rational use of our products by the final recipient, the Greek farmer. 

Our company additionally provides logistics' services of plant protection products for third parties, ensuring the required standards set by the proper management and storage of chemicals. 

Many companies in the plant protection industry trust our company to standardize and repack their own products, a customization service we have been providing successfully for decades.

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